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machine moving skates

What are machine moving skates?

Machine moving skates come in all shapes and sizes, the most popular one being a large
heavy duty plank on wheels that allows you to roll your load to the desired destination
rather than carrying it. The skates’ wheels may have a fixed direction or be swivel castors, so
choose whichever will be more appropriate for your business’s needs.
Machine moving skates are typically used alongside a hydraulic jack. The hydraulic jack is
used to lift the load so the skates can be properly positioned underneath it. If the load is too
big, more than one jack may be required to lift it.

Types of machine moving skates:

Industrial machine moving skates are designed to be sturdy enough for heavy loads and to
move smoothly on different surfaces; there are different types of wheels available, to suit
various kinds of floor surfaces. Most importantly, machine moving skates are designed to
distribute the weight of the load evenly to prevent falling over and causing damage. Here
are a few of the different types of skates that can be found:

Steel rolling corners – with four durable steel corners, and
fitted with rubber matting to protect the load, they are able to
carry up to 400kg easily. These skates are perfect for square
and rectangular loads. With three swivel castors on each
corner the skates make it easy to manoeuvre your load.
Three wheel roller platforms – these skates are compact and
easy to store. They can handle up to 500kg loads. Easy to
manoeuvre with swivel wheels.

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Adjustable machine moving skate pairs – easily adjustable to suit different shapes
of loads, the biggest one can carry up to 24,000kg and the smaller ones 12,000kg and
6,000kg. The skates are connected by steel rods, which prevent them from going at
different speeds and skidding on the way.

Individual machine moving skates – compact and easy to
store, they have sturdy nylon rollers and are designed to manage
heavy loads up to 6,000kg.

Benefits of using machine moving skates for your business

1. Safe

Using machine moving skates can greatly minimise the accidents and damage that can occur
when transporting heavy loads by hand. Used alongside a hydraulic jack, the loads are
jacked up so the skate can be positioned under the load. The load then is wheeled away
stopping workers from straining themselves.

2. Versatile

Machine moving skates come in many shapes, sizes and load capacities. They are designed
to meet the needs of any business.
Steel wheels can be attached to the majority of skates and if you are looking for something
that needs to move on uneven floors, swivel wheels can give better manoeuvrability.

3. Easy to use

No experience is needed and little to no explanation to use machine moving skates. They
are self-explanatory and easy to use making them practical and an indispensable part of
your business.

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